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Childhood Should be Filled with Joy, Imagination, and WONDER.
Play is important to healthy brain development.
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Pretend play helps kids develop executive function skills.
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Real life experience and contact with real people.
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Our goal is to create a unique dream school that truly has our students’ best interest in mind. We are building a foundation for life-long learning that promotes contributing to society.

Our founder has more than 20 years experience as an educator. Every inch of our building has been designed for education purpose. We want to inspire our students and be a fun, happy place that they want to come everyday. 

We believe that each child is a unique individual who needs a secure, caring, and stimulating atmosphere in which to grow and mature emotionally, intellectually, physically, and socially.

We have small class sizes to ensure that all students gets noticed and they meet their fullest potential.

We’re now accepting students age 18 months to seven years-old. Our plan is to expand up to Grade 6 as our students grow up with us.





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Our Curriculum

Learn more about our Young Hawk Program for Parents & Babies (18-30 mo)

Kindergarten Curriculum for 3-5 years old

Primary Thai Curriculum & International Standard

Carroll Prep Method

Our philosophy is a combination of Montessori methods, Reggio Emilia Methods and developed together with our 20 years experience with Thai students. We look at each individual students and plan lesson base on their needs.  หลักการเรียนการสอนของเราเป็นการรวมเอาจุดเด่นของการเรียนแบบมอนเตสเซอรี่ เรจจิโอ เอมิเลีย และประสบการณ์การสอนนักเรียนไทยกว่า 20 ปีของเราเข้าด้วยกัน เราดูที่นักเรียนแต่ละคน แล้วจัดแผนการสอนให้สนับสนุนทักษะที่เด็กต้องการ


The Montessori Method is an educational philosophy developed more than a century ago by a medical doctor in Italy, Dr. Maria Montessori. Through her research Dr. Montessori discovered a unique methodology observing how children learn at an individualized pace. 


The Reggio Emilia method was founded by humanitarian, teacher, and educational psychologist Loris Malaguzzi shortly after WWII in Italy. One of the main aspects of this learning philosophy is the role of expression. The philosophy believes in the concept of One Hundred Languages in that there are hundreds of ways for children to express themselves. Those ways of expression are described as expressive, communicative, symbolic, cognitive, ethical, metaphorical, logical, imaginative and relational.

At Carroll Prep
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Our Goals


Happy children learn better and faster. We believe that education doesn’t have to be boring or serious and that play is a valuable tool for teaching children important skills and values. Therefore, our school has been specifically designed to inspire creativity, fun, and learning. Our unique building is unlike any other school in Thailand, and your child’s day will be filled with laughter and a love of learning.



We want our students to take ownership of their education, and so we develop time management, self-assessment, and decision-making skills. This allows your child to progress at their own pace and focus on the topics that interest them the most. A strong, self-reliant child will have the confidence to use their skills in any setting. This will give them a solid foundation for the future.


While our approach may be full of laughter and love, behind the scenes we have a serious commitment to academic growth and a high quality education. Our standards are very rigorous and our students achieve high levels of excellence. However, we do so without the stress and anxiety typically associated with more academic programs. We believe we can achieve the same results while still promoting stable emotional well-being and good mental health in our students


COVID-19 Updated (May 17,2021)

We are writing to inform you that Carroll Prep will be closed effective today until May 31. Virtual School will commence on May 17, 2021. แคร์โรลล์ เพรพ ปิดการเรียนการสอนที่โรงเรียนถึงวันที่ 31 พ.ค. และเริ่มการเรียนการสอนแบบออนไลน์สำหรับผู้ปกครองที่สนใจตั้งแต่วันที่ 17 พ.ค. เป็นต้นไป

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